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Blue Monday – My son in a foreign land.

I am joining Blue Monday Meme hosted by Smiling Sally, and this is my first entry on this blog. This was taken last year in Vasteras City, Sweden. The building on the right side is the migration building and at the back of my son is a hotel. It was the beginning of spring time but the wind was cold, which is why Janjan was still wearing long sleeves.

Smiling Sally

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Native Products

This is one of the native products here in Davao. If you love bags, hats, belt, men and ladies accessories that are made of native products, you can find these things at the malls in Davao. Actually, there was an exhibit inside the mall when I took these pictures. They were making bags, hats, wallets and belt that are made of abaca trees. I was amazed how these people can make these things so quick. Their hands were fast, and they had fun while doing it. They just kept on talking, laughing while the spectators were watching them. It seems like making those things are easy, but actually it is not. This bag cost depends on the size. The cheapest costs around 300.00 to 500.00 pesos only. Belts were 100.00 to 200.00. Hats were 200.00-300.00. I had fun walking around the exhibit area, and I am sure there will be another exhibit before the year ends.

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Happy Friday myspace graphic comments

Another week has been ended. During school days, students as well as the mothers couldn’t wait for Fridays for it is the last day of the week in school. Just like me, since I have a student, when Friday comes, I would be happy for I don’t need to wake up early the next day. Anyway, I just wish that tomorrow will be another bright sunny day for us here.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Mount Apo, The Volcano

I was at my cousin’s place a few weeks ago, and this is the way going to their house. While I was inside the tricycle, I had a chance to take photos of this volcano because I was sitting in front. In the morning, the volcano is so clear and beautiful while at night, there were times that you can notice a fire to the mouth of the volcano. Anyway, this is my first entry for Outdoor Wednesday meme. I wish I could join this meme every Wednesday.

The Mount Apo

Mt. Apo, Toril, Davao City

Toril Market, Davao City Toril Market, Davao City

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The truth is……….

A few days ago, I was at the grocery store to buy meat for dinner. I feel so bad because most of the commodities have a price increase. The gas tank for cooking is now 807.00 for 11 kilos tank, which is why I used my electric stove. I can save a little if I use the electric. The vegetables have a price increase too because it came from the mountain, and the farmer of course bought a gasoline for their delivery truck so, even these vegetables have no tax, but the farmer spent money for the gasoline. Everything is getting worse here. The poor become poorer and the rich become richer. That’s why I won’t blame that we have a brain drain here because of the economy. I have a cousin who was a teacher in Manila, but after few years of teaching, he left the country and work from another country but not as a teacher. He left when he was still single, and now he is married and has two kids. Being far from the family is not easy, but he needs to deal with it because he has a big dream for his children. If only we have a good economy here, my cousin won’t leave the country, and probably he is teaching right now.

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Fly, Fly Up High My Kite

This is the first week that my little son has his school vacation. Last night, he asked me if I could buy for him a kite. Last year, we both a kite for him but it wasn’t a good kite for it tore it easily. Well, it was not as good as those expensive kites. I bought it less than a hundred, so it wasn’t so bad when it tore easily. I asked my eldest son if he could make a kite for his little brother when he is available. Fortunately, he said yes last night. And this morning, my son made the kite for his brother. The little brother was very happy when he saw that he has a kite now that is made of used plastic bags.  He can’t wait to play outside. After eating our lunch, my little son went outside to try the kite. The big brother helped him to fly the kite by throwing it up then the little brother released the thread in his hand.  Finally, the kite was up in the air. As I was watching my kids playing together, I could tell, I have wonderful kids, and I hope they are still close until they get older.



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First Time…….

Yay! This is my first time to make a blog on wordpress, and this is my first post, hopefully will not be the last, and this is also my first entry for Yummy Sunday meme. We have papaya trees in the backyard, and my son got this papaya from the tree. When my son saw that there were ripe papayas, he asked help from his grandfather to pick the fruits. He then gave it to me, so we could eat it. It was really sweet when I taste it.


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