Fly, Fly Up High My Kite

This is the first week that my little son has his school vacation. Last night, he asked me if I could buy for him a kite. Last year, we both a kite for him but it wasn’t a good kite for it tore it easily. Well, it was not as good as those expensive kites. I bought it less than a hundred, so it wasn’t so bad when it tore easily. I asked my eldest son if he could make a kite for his little brother when he is available. Fortunately, he said yes last night. And this morning, my son made the kite for his brother. The little brother was very happy when he saw that he has a kite now that is made of used plastic bags.  He can’t wait to play outside. After eating our lunch, my little son went outside to try the kite. The big brother helped him to fly the kite by throwing it up then the little brother released the thread in his hand.  Finally, the kite was up in the air. As I was watching my kids playing together, I could tell, I have wonderful kids, and I hope they are still close until they get older.




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