The truth is……….

A few days ago, I was at the grocery store to buy meat for dinner. I feel so bad because most of the commodities have a price increase. The gas tank for cooking is now 807.00 for 11 kilos tank, which is why I used my electric stove. I can save a little if I use the electric. The vegetables have a price increase too because it came from the mountain, and the farmer of course bought a gasoline for their delivery truck so, even these vegetables have no tax, but the farmer spent money for the gasoline. Everything is getting worse here. The poor become poorer and the rich become richer. That’s why I won’t blame that we have a brain drain here because of the economy. I have a cousin who was a teacher in Manila, but after few years of teaching, he left the country and work from another country but not as a teacher. He left when he was still single, and now he is married and has two kids. Being far from the family is not easy, but he needs to deal with it because he has a big dream for his children. If only we have a good economy here, my cousin won’t leave the country, and probably he is teaching right now.


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